DigitalEconomy Development

Advice and support services for blockchain projects


Blockchain is a technology that enables secure and fast transactions, processed in a decentralized system.


How does it work?

A global network of computers uses blockchain to manage data for network transactions. Data registration and processing is done collectively, by all the members of the network; the transaction ledger is public.


Where is it used?

It can be used in all sorts of services, such as media and content sharing, it can replace traditional data bases, but perhaps the most popular example are cryptocurrencies that are created on blockchain.


What are the benefits?

The blockchain technology ultrafast transactions no matter the distance and is decentralized network with maximum security and a high level of transparency. All transactions are automatic, and the fees are low


Who we are?

We are a startup company that offers advice and support services for projects involving blockchain technology.

We believe blockchain will revolutionize the way we interact, we function, and we exist. Its rise in popularity in the last couple of years proves the potential of blockchain as a basic technological principle applicable in a vast array of industries and areas, from macroeconomics to everyday life.

What we do?

Digital Economy Development offers expert advice, development, implementation and maintenance services for projects using blockchain technology.


We are a young, passionate dynamic team, looking for new members.

We usually need foreign language speakers (not limited to large circulation languages) and programmers. But it’s not out of the question for you to be a good fit if you have experience with social media and design; the important thing is that you are creative, curious and energetic.

We don’t have any job openings at the moment, but you can send us your cv anyway, or you can come back to our career page and see available positions.

Our Projects

Our first big project is FootballCoin, owned by CrownGem


FootballCoin is a football manager type of online game, built on blockchain, with its own self-sustaining cryptoeconomy.

The game’s currency is called XFC and it’s used to reward users’ performance in the game.

Users use their football knowledge to create teams and enter competitions, they are scored based on their football players real life performance and are awarded XFC tokens that can be spend inside or outside the game in the crypto market.