About Us

Who We Are?

Digital Economy Development a startup company that leads projects into the new era of digital, offering advice and support services for companies involving the new technologies. The speed of change sweeping across society and company is breathtaking and we are being taken by it in the era of a brand new age, towards a new fact. We believe that the technology required to innovate and differentiate goes past the foundational adoption of electronic instruments and concepts. We trust the fact that this is an age where building confidence with clients, employees, business communities and partners is the top priority.



What We Do?

Digital Economy Development offers expert advice, development, implementation and maintenance services for brands involving the new technologies through the new era of digital transformation.


We offer strategic and measurable input through full support, a personal strategy and an extensive selection of services.


We build strong customer relationships based on shared ambitions, confidence, and ethics. Our clients benefit from a fee arrangement that is predictable and straight-forward.


Our objective is to deliver outcomes through value-added solutions, tailored options, and sensible actions.